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Risk is the possibility that an unfavorable event will occur. Risk is all around us, when we cross the street, when we enter into a business venture, and when we drive our car. We are risk averse creatures by nature and seek to avoid risk as much as possible. However, not all risk can be avoided. However, some risk can be reduced or mitigated while some risk can be transferred.

Cars and other vehicles are important investments that need to be protected. The manufacturer's warranty of a purchased vehicle does not last forever. When that warranty expires, the user no longer has protection against expensive vehicle repairs. SmartAutoWarranty is a company owned by Carchex that specializes in risk transfer services when it comes to vehicles. Their vehicle service contracts assure that parts, labor, and sales tax required for replacement or repair of covered (or insured) parts in your vehicle will be paid by

The company covers the following:

Smart Auto Warranty: What makes it different? a wide vehicle coverage while providing some of the lowest costs in auto warranties. But, not only does provide lower costs to make it more appealing to customers, they also provide the following key differentiators:

  • Clear policies with regards to warranties - most warranty and insurance institutions present the client with confusing policies and terms. These policies and terms that are hard to comprehend lead to misunderstanding and misjudgment. presents the different policies and terms in an orderly and easily understandable so as not to confuse or befuddle the client.
  • Choose your own - the clients may choose their own repair facilities that would cater to their vehicles. There are over 30,000 facilities to choose from and they range from Goodyear to your local mechanic.
  • The specialists - has a number of specialists that could help the client through any repair process that his/her vehicle would undertake.
Smart Auto Warranty vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Smart Auto Warranty)

A number of auto warranty companies would crop up if you scourge the net.

  1. Warranty Headquarters - Warranty Headquarters is one of the biggest providers of auto warranties. When compared side by side with, the website of Warranty Headquarters trumps by a mile. Warranty Headquarters seems to have a more professional interface as compared to SmartAutoWarranty. The largest issue for Warranty Headquarters is that it is NOT BBB accredited like SmartAutoWarranty or EnduranceWarrantyServices. This lack of accreditation from the BBB leads to lack of assurance when it comes to the services that they offer.
  2. EnduranceWarrantyServices - another trust worthy warranty company that is accredited by the BBB with a rating of A. They also provide extensive warranty coverages on used vehicles. They have a better website as compared to SmartAutoWarranty. However, as compared to SmartAutoWarranty, EnduranceWarrantyServices has received a lot more complaints. EnduranceWarrantyServices has just been accredited recently by the BBB (year 2011) unlike SmartAutoWarranty which has already been accredited for over 3 years.
Smart Auto Warranty: Pricing & packages

A warranty policy from a respectable company would cost you about $1,000 to $4,000 for a 12 to 36 month period depending on the type of car and the coverage that the client wishes to avail. The prices of could not be provided as there are a lot of price combinations for different car models and different coverage. What promises is that its warranty policies are almost always 50% less than most automobile dealers while providing a more comprehensive coverage.

The warranty premiums may be paid on a monthly basis or on a lump sum payment. accepts credit card payments or checks with no paperwork required to be filled up. Only a small down payment is required if the client opts to pay on installment. The rest of the balance is to be paid over a 12-month period.

Nevertheless, research shows that AAA warranty provides cheaper warranty prices as compared to

Smart Auto Warranty: Product images & screenshots
Smart Auto Warranty Coupons
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Smart Auto Warranty: Customer reviews & comments

Having a high rating with the BBB (an A+ rating) is a great achievement for any online business. It has already been accredited by the BBB for three years (since 2009). A number of complaints can be found with regards to the services provided by There are a total of 36 complaints recorded by the BBB from the year 2009 to present. The number of complaints is significantly lower as compared to the complaints received by EnduranceWarrantyServices which is a good thing.

(A copy of a complaint towards SmartAutoWarranty could be read here)

Generally, complaints with regards to warranties and insurances are caused by misunderstandings with regards to the policy or coverage of the plans availed of by the clients. It is important therefore to read and understand the fine print of a policy availed of from an insurance or warranty company.

The customer complaints mean that SmartAutoWarranty is not achieving its mission and vision - to provide clear policies to its clients. If SmartAutoWarranty could fix this problem, it could have easily gotten a perfect score. But as of now, it gets four stars out of five.

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Very interesting information, something I never thought about but maybe I should check into it. Thanks for writing this information. Recommended.

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